WWI-SWA’s Annual National Screenwriting Workshop by Anjum Rajabali

SWA is pleased to announce the Annual National Screenwriting Workshop by our senior member Anjum Rajabali. 

For the last 11 years SWA has collaborated with Whistling Woods to bring this important workshop to you. It has proved to be a very useful learning experience for hundreds of aspiring and even practising screenwriters, and the learning has helped their careers.

SWA recommends that, if you are interested in learning or refreshing your understanding of the craft of screenwriting, you should attend.


WHISTLING WOODS (in association with SWA)





Guest speakers: Sudip Sharma (Paatal Lok), Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku)

Smita Singh-Khan (Sacred Games), Hitesh Kewalya (Shubh Mangal Saavdhan)

Five weekends

March 6 to April 4, 2021

10 AM to 1.30 PM on Sat-Sun

Basic brief


We’re back with our annual national workshop on screenwriting – the most substantial compact learning experience in the craft!

That script is the most important element of cinema, TV or OTT series is no longer just a cliché. The need for good scripts and competent writers is being acutely felt by these industries, and every attempt is being made to source and hire good writers.

And yet, the complaint that there aren’t enough trained writers, knowledgeable in the fundamentals of the craft, continues. 

Hence, the need for this workshop continues. It offers a compact 35-40 hour intensive grounding in the basics of the craft, touching upon the uniqueness of Indian screenwriting, peppered with sterling examples that one can be inspired by and learn from. 

This time, we have special sessions on web series, mythology, character psychology, on scene design and dialogue. And, a demonstration-session on how to pitch your script.

Plus several wonderful guest speakers who have done stellar work in their fields, and representatives from India’s two leading talent agencies – Tulsea and KWAN. 

Curriculum wise 
–   One weekend on the basics of storytelling as an art and craft, on IDEA, PREMISE, PLOT, CHARACTER and STRUCTURE. If these are strong, they provide the foundation on which you can build an inventively written script.
–   One weekend on SCENE DESIGN & DIALOGUE. Your wonderful story reaches your audience via crisply written dramatic moments – scenes. 
–   Half a day on a basic primer on PSYCHOLOGY and the different DEFENCE MECHANISMS commonly used by human beings (and by characters) to hide their true feelings. 
–   Half a day on MYTHOLOGY, highlighting the complex motives of characters, and what we can learn from those beautiful stories. 
–   Half a day on Joseph Campbell’s ‘HERO’S JOURNEY’ which offers invaluable insights into the underlying struggles and structures of all storytelling.
–   One weekend of four GUEST SESSIONS.
–   A session on how to PITCH YOUR SCRIPTS, by Chaitanya Hegde (Tulsea) and Ashoo Naik (KWAN).
–   A final session with SUBHASH GHAI. His candour always delights our participants, since he frankly refers to his professional and creative struggles, and wittily exposes the foibles of this industry. 

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