Screenwriters Association launches SWA Awards for Best Writing!

On the occasion of our Diamond Jubilee year, in 2020, the Screenwriters Association of India (SWA) has launched SWA Awards 2020 – the only awards in India dedicated entirely to screenwriters and lyricists of Hindi Feature Films, Television Shows and Web series.

Judged by a jury of eminent screenwriters, these awards will be the most coveted and prestigious awards for writers in India, much like the awards of other prestigious international writers’ guilds and literary organisations. The Screenwriters Association, with a membership of 30 thousand, has consistently been in the forefront of the cause of writers, proactively fighting to protect the rights of all its members. Its goal has been to get the film and TV industries to acknowledge the central role that writers play in the creation of cinema and TV shows.

While India has a plethora of awards events, by some puzzling logic, writing awards are generally relegated to the unimportant stages of the ceremony, with a generally dismissive attitude. Not just that, often the jury is forced to succumb to the organizers’ pressure to award the most popular or box-office successes.

SWA awards, on the other hand, will celebrate the outstanding writing of the year by having knowledgeable, experienced and credible writers on the jury, following a fair and accountable process of assessing, selecting and awarding quality writing. We do believe that a writer is best equipped to appreciate the nuances of the art and craft of another writer. Being judged and awarded by one’s own fraternity is indeed a writer’s greatest honour.

Current SWA President, Robin Bhatt (with more than 75 writing credits) says, “Acknowledging and awarding good writing is more than overdue in an industry that has doggedly ignored writers. SWA awards brings the writer centre-stage!”

Hon. General Secretary, Sunil Salgia says, “Applause, Praise, Appreciation and Awards are the only rewards a writer cherishes, and there can be no bigger Award than one given by your Competitors, Friends and Peers.”

For the first SWA Awards, Hindi Feature Films, Television Shows & Web series released in 2019 will be eligible to compete in 15 categories including best script, screenplay, dialog, best lyrics, and so on. While all feature films released in 2019 will automatically be considered for the awards in the Feature Film categories, submissions are right now open for Television Shows, Web series and Lyrics. 

This diamond jubilee let’s celebrate the Kohinoor of content – the Screenwriter. 





Submissions NOW OPEN for SWA Awards 2020 for screenwriters and lyricists in 15 categories.

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