SWA and WIFPA sign an MoU

In its endeavour to establish amiable as well as mutually beneficial work relationships with producers’ organisations, SWA has added another feather in its cap. The Association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Western Indian Film Producers Association (WIFPA). This agreement, signed by Shri Sunil Salgia and Shri Dilip Dalvi –  General Secretaries of SWA and WIFPA, respectively, will enable smooth functioning of a Joint Dispute Settlement Committee (JDSC) between the two bodies. The MoU broadly covers the following pointers:

  1. SWA and WIFPA will jointly resolve any disputes and claims arising amongst its members and extend support to each other to take a strong action against its respective members who are found guilty of any proven instances of default.
  2. Upon receiving a complaint against a member of the other association, the complainant’s association will immediately inform the respondent’s association of the same.
  3. Both the organisations will set up Joint Dispute Settlement Committee (JDSC) meetings to hear such above complaints and jointly resolve the dispute.
  4. Decisions of the JDSC shall be binding on the complainant and respondent.
  5. If the JDSC is unable to arrive at a consensus, the respective associations may guide their concerned members regarding how to proceed with the matter.
  6. Both the associations will ensure compliance of their respective members to the decisions of JDSC. In case a member of either association refuses to comply then, the association of the defaulting member shall take a strict disciplinary action.