SWA Script Lab 2022_Terms & Conditions

Following are the terms and conditions as amended by the Screenwriters Association. As a participant of “SWA Script Lab 2022”, it is mandatory to abide by these terms.


  1. SWA Script Lab 2022 is a platform where emerging screenwriters will get an opportunity to be mentored by professionals. Feature-length screenplays, both original as well as literary adaptations, are eligible for the lab.
  2. The Screenwriters Association of India (SWA) is an association of more than 30,000 members. It is our continuous effort to encourage and educate emerging writers so that they improve their craft. As a part of this endeavour, SWA brings its first-ever Script Lab for fresh talents. This workshop is a channel through which aspiring screenwriters can present their work to industry professionals, who are widely appreciated for their work in the field, and get valuable feedback to hone one’s skills and script.
  3. At SWA Script Lab 2022, emerging screenwriters will be encouraged to submit their scripts, either original or adapted work. Up to six finalists (subject to change at the absolute discretion of SWA) will be shortlisted after two rounds of selection (details below). Each finalist will get an online one-on-one feedback session with four out of our six mentors. Our endeavour is to help the writers understand the scope of improvement in their own script/writing with these sessions, while also presenting them an opportunity to connect with these mentors.


  1. The participant must be an Indian citizen OR an NRI.
  2. Scripts of only feature-length fiction films shall be considered for evaluation (Entries/Submission). The length of the film must be at least 70 minutes. (This will translate to between 70 to 120 pages of a well formatted screenplay.)
  3. The applicant must be at least 18 years of age on the date of application.
  4. ALL SWA members and non-members can apply.
  5. Only the scripts registered with a valid authority, such as SWA, WGA, or copyright office will be eligible for the Script Lab.
  6. All freshers and emerging screenwriters can apply. However, one must not have more than one (1) released feature film as a writer or co-writer for Story, Screenplay, or Dialogue to their credit while applying for SWA Script Lab 2022. To clarify further, only writers with no films to their credit OR only one film to their credit are eligible to apply.
  7. Writers having an associate or additional credit in films will be eligible to apply.


The Script Lab selection process will be divided into two stages. In the first round, up to thirty (30) participants will be shortlisted based on their stage one submission made at the time of the application. They will be subsequently invited to submit their complete, fully-formatted first drafts of their screenplay. In the second round, from these thirty (30) submissions up to six (6) winners will be announced who will get an opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals.


STAGE 1: Your application must include the following (in English or Hindi)

  1. Writer’s Statement — A brief note about your project and why you want to tell this story in not more than 300 words
  2. A short bio about you and the co-writer, if any, in not more than 150 words per writer. (Note that only up to 2 co-writers can participate regardless of how many co-writers have written the project).
  3. A logline in not more than 40 words.
  4. A synopsis in not more than 2500 words.
  5. An undertaking by the participant.
  6. Apart from these five documents, you also need to submit the first ten pages of your screenplay based on the following specifications:
  7. Fully formatted PDF document, registered with any valid authority such as SWA, WGA, or the Copyright office.
  8. The script must be typed out. Handwritten and/or scanned scripts will be ineligible.
  9. The submission must be in Courier Font, Size 12.
  10. In case your script and/or dialogue are in any other language, kindly translate them to English or Hindi before submission.
  11. DO NOT submit your full-length screenplay at this stage. Only the first ten pages of the screenplay need to be submitted.

STAGE 2: If you are shortlisted among the top thirty candidates you will be invited to submit your entire feature-length screenplay by 10th January 2022. The screenplay must be written in either English or Hindi.

Note: To register yourself as an SWA member please write to us at contact@swaindia.org


  • Do not share link/s of your project on video streaming platforms.
  • Do not submit any other document such as your research work for the script, character sketches, pitch document, and the like. Make your submission strictly as per the Terms and Conditions:


  1. An undertaking must be signed by the participant at the time of filling the application.
  2. SWA Script Lab 2022 is exclusively a program for feature films.
  3. The script must be registered with a valid authority such as SWA, WGA, or the Copyright authority.
  4. If you have an ongoing case at SWA’s DSC or any other authority including the Court of law regarding Copyright Infringement claims on a script, you will not be eligible to participate with that particular script.
  5. Multiple entries are allowed, given that each entry is submitted using a separate form and fee.
  6. Scripts in all genres will be eligible.
  7. Submitted scripts must be either in English or Hindi.
  8. Scripts with multiple writers are eligible for entry. However, only up to two co-writers will be eligible to attend the Script Lab upon selection.
  9. All communication related to SWA Script Lab will be done through email at the ID that is duly specified by SWA as an organizer. The script sent via any other mode shall not be considered.
  10. You must not submit any such script that has been previously submitted to another script lab which forbids submitting the script in any other competition or lab.
  11. Projects based on real-life personalities, novels, short stories, or another film will require the written consent from the owner of the stories insisting on specific underlying rights.
  12. SWA is not liable to give any reason for the non-selection of an entry.
  13. Allocation of mentors will be at the discretion of SWA.
  14. There will be no cash prize. However, up to six finalists will get a one-to-one online feedback session with four out of the six mentors.
  15. Finalists will also receive a licensed copy of Final Draft 12 software along with the mentorship.
  16. Failure to submit the full script after selection may result in barring the participant from the next five SWA Script Labs.
  17. The winner must ensure that in case the winning script is produced/released, SWA will receive due credit as “Script mentored at SWA Script Lab 2022” along with the SWA Logo. The winner shall sign the contract with the producers capturing this term.


  1. Entry Submission: 25th Oct 2021.
  2. Declaration of 30 shortlisted entries: Last week of November 2021
  3. Deadline to submit full screenplay: 10th January 2022
  4. Script Lab mentorship program commencement: March 2022

The deadlines may change at the discretion of SWA.


INR 1000/- inclusive of GST for applications submitted on or before 25th Oct, 11:59 PM IST.

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  1. You and your co-writer (if any) must own the copyright of the Entry/Submission/s made by you on an exclusive basis, and the entry, including but not limited to submissions, must be entirely original. You must acquire the requisite rights in the underlying work of your submissions as well;
  2. The submission/s, i.e., film story and script must already be registered with SWA (or any other equivalent association) as provided under the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The entry, or any part thereof, should not violate any applicable laws. Neither should it violate/infringe any other third-party rights including any form of intellectual property.
  4. No rights of the submission/s should have previously been granted to any other person and/or party in part or whole;
  5. The submission/s must be free from any charges, liens, encumbrances or any other third party rights;
  6. The entry must not contain any confidential information or any other information relating to any third party that you are not authorized to disclose under contract or otherwise;
  7. In the event of a co-writer participation, all the obligations and representation shall equally apply to all such participants. The co-writers shall indemnify SWA for any/all breaches/ claims by/ against any or all the writers.
  8. You are submitting the Entry on a voluntary and unsolicited basis in confidence;
  9. You must be fully entitled to make the entry and are not under any disability whether legal or contractual which prevents you from submitting the same to SWA;
  10. SWA and its people authorized by SWA to conduct Script Lab (Authorized People) receive numerous entries from different participants during Script Lab and other events that SWA may organize. Further, Authorized People being creators themselves, professionally create several literary and dramatic works. These materials are independently made without referring to the Entries (Independent Materials). These Independent materials may have incidental /generic or idea-level similarities with the Entries. Such similarities shall not obligate SWA/Authorized People to you in any manner whatsoever. Provided, Authorized People/SWA have independently developed or legally obtained/accessed the same either from any third party heretofore or hereafter autonomously or exclusively from sources other than you. Further, if entry in part or whole is in the public domain and/or does not constitute protectable property and/or is not original, you shall not have any claim if SWA/Authorized People are associated with a similar subject material at any time.
  11. Nothing contained herein or otherwise, imposes an obligation on SWA, to accept or utilize the entry in whole or in part/s and SWA reserves the right to accept or reject the Entry or its parts at its sole discretion;
  12. Completing the entry does not entitle you to receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise from SWA under any circumstances whatsoever.
  13. Non-conformation by any participant of the Terms and Conditions or any part thereof will immediately disqualify the Participant. SWA shall not be responsible for the breach by a Participant of the Terms and Conditions and such Participant shall indemnify SWA against any/ all claims received due to such breach of these Terms and Conditions;
  14. You affirm that you are either 18 years or more of age and have read and understood the entire content of the Terms and Conditions and Undertaking and accept the same. You are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, affirmations, representations, and warranties and Undertaking set henceforth, and to abide by and comply with the same.
  15. These Terms and Conditions or any part thereof, shall not be transferred or assigned by you. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is deemed invalid by any law or a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any term of these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term, and SWA’s failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms and Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. SWA reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, and it is your responsibility to review these Terms and Conditions for any changes. Your use of the website following any amendment of these Terms and Conditions will signify your assent to and acceptance of its revised terms;
  16. The Participant acknowledges that the representations and warranties, indemnities, governing Law, dispute resolution, warranty disclaimer shall survive the efflux of time;
  17. Nothing herein shall be deemed to create a partnership, agency, or an employer-employee relationship between the Participant and SWA;
  18. The Participant/s acknowledge that in case the performance Script Lab and/or availing the gratification cannot be fulfilled due to an event beyond the reasonable control of SWA then such non-performance or failure shall not be deemed as a breach of the Terms and Conditions and if such inability to perform such obligation continues for a period of seven (7) days, then SWA may be at liberty upon their sole discretion to terminate the Script Lab;
  19. SWA shall not be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever for any network problem, breakdown of machinery, problems pertaining to the website, unclear network, disruption in the network, and/or the internet /network costs charged by the telecom/mobile/network operator, etc.;
  20. In case of any telecom and /or network failure and /or technical failure /breakdown on the Website and /or technical failure in submitting and /or uploading the Submission/s, Application Form and/or providing the mentorship sessions happens, SWA reserves the right to its sole discretion to change the platform and /or the mechanism or deadline of the Script Lab and/or to cease from accepting Submissions, entries of the Participants in any manner it may deem fit and necessary. SWA shall not be liable and /or responsible in any manner whatsoever in the event of any malfunction/fault /failure in the Website, submission mechanism for uploading the Submissions and/or Application Forms, smooth online mentorship sessions to winners, etc. due to reasons including but not limited to technical /technological restrictions and /or due to reasons /events/incidents beyond the commercially reasonable control of SWA. However, SWA may make a reasonable effort to rectify such errors. Participant(s) shall not in any circumstances make any claims against SWA, their employees, directors, and its affiliates arising out of or relating to any and all costs, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind, including, without limitation due to any technical faults in the network and /or connections or directly or indirectly due to, to their participation or non-participation in Script Lab.
  21. SWA reserves the right to abandon, postpone, withdraw the Contest or part thereof, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, without prior notice to the Participant.
  22. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed as per Indian Laws without regard to the conflict of law rules, and subject to the provisions of arbitration, the courts in Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction. In the case of any dispute arising out, or in reference to the Contest and/or other matters pertaining to these Terms and Conditions, including a dispute about the validity, operation, meaning, or breach hereof, such dispute/s between You and SWA shall be referred to a sole arbitrator appointed jointly by the parties and shall be governed by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, amended from time to time. The venue for arbitration shall be Mumbai, and the arbitration shall be held in the English language. The decision of the sole arbitrator in this regard shall be final and binding on the aggrieved Participant. All the costs, charges, and expenses in connection to the arbitration shall be solely borne by the Participant who has raised the dispute.
  23. Notwithstanding the foregoing, under no circumstances will SWA be liable for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, or incidental damages or lost profits, whether direct or indirect, arising in any way whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise Without prejudice to the aforesaid, SWA’s liability, arising whether out of contract, law, tort or otherwise shall be limited to INR 1000/- only.
  24. You specifically waive Your right to seek injunctive relief against SWA and/or the Script Lab, to the maximum extent permitted by law;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the exact nature of the Script lab?
  • Ans. SWA Script Lab 2022 aims to help emerging screenwriters improve their scripts through mentoring by industry insiders. Up to six finalists will have one-to-one online feedback sessions with four of our mentors.
  1. I am not a member of SWA. Can I participate in SWA Script Lab?
  • Ans. Yes, you can.
  1. My SWA membership has expired. Can I apply for the Script Lab?
  • Ans. Yes, you can.
  1. My script has an ongoing case under SWA’s Dispute Settlement Committee or any Court of law. Will I be eligible to participate?
  • Ans. In case you have an ongoing case at SWA’s DSC for a copyright infringement claim, you will not be eligible to participate with that script/impugned Script.
  1. Can I submit multiple entries?
  • Ans. Yes, you may submit multiple entries but you will have to submit a separate form & fee for each entry. However, we encourage you to submit your best work according to you.
  1. Will my script be produced by SWA after selection?
  • Ans. No. SWA is a trade union for Screenwriters & Lyricists and SWA Script Lab is an initiative to help writers with their creative process by receiving feedback from industry insiders. Production of films is not a part of the Script Lab.
  1. Do I need to submit references or recommendations by people from the Industry?
  • Ans. No. The selection is based on the quality of the script only.
  1. I have done many short films, documentaries, and ad films. Am I eligible?
  • Ans. Yes, you are eligible to apply, but your submission should be a fiction feature film script as mentioned under terms and conditions.
  1. Is the Script Lab genre-specific?
  • Ans. SWA script lab is open to all genres. Only up to six best scripts will be chosen as finalists irrespective of genre.
  1. Can I submit my script for a web series, short film, or any other format?
  • Ans. No. SWA Script Lab 2022 is exclusively for feature films. Scripts for any other format will not be accepted.
  1. Can I submit my script in any other regional language?
  • Ans. No. The scripts must be written in English or Hindi. In case your script is in any other language, please translate them to English or Hindi before submission.
  1. What is the ideal page limit for the final submitted script?
  • Ans. Ideally, a feature-length script should be anywhere between 70 to 120 pages. Your script must fulfill this criterion.
  1. How will I be intimated about my selection?
  • Ans. Whether your script is selected or not, you will be intimated about the same. All communication concerning SWA Script Lab 2022 will be done through email.
  1. Is a project written by multiple writers eligible for submission?
  • Ans. Yes. A project written by multiple writers can be entered. However, only up to two writers per project will be eligible to attend the Script Lab on selection.
  1. Can I submit a script that has been previously submitted to other Script Labs?
  • Ans. Yes, you can, unless the labs you have submitted your script to forbid you to do so.
  1. Can the director of my film attend the Script Lab?
  • Ans. No. The Script Lab is designed only for screenwriters. Directors can participate only if they are one of the writers.
  1. Can I apply if my project is based on a real-life personality?
  • Ans. Yes, you can. However, you must have the written consent/relevant agreement of the person and/or family in case of a biopic.
  1. What if my project is based on a novel/short story/play? Can I still apply?
  • Ans. Yes, provided you have the written consent/relevant agreement of the copyright owner in case of a book adaptation.
  1. If my project is a remake of a film; will I be eligible to apply?
  • Ans. Yes, provided you have the written consent/relevant of the copyright owner of the original script.
  1. Will I receive any notes with reasons for my non-selection?
  • Ans. Sorry, we won’t be able to send reasons for non-selection as we are expecting a large number of entries.
  1. When will the Script Lab take place and where?
  • Ans. The Script Lab will be conducted online in March 2022. The exact dates will be intimated to the finalists.
  1. If I am one of the finalists, do I get to choose my mentor?
  • Ans. The allocation of the mentors for each finalist will be done at the sole discretion of SWA. 
  1. Will there be any prize money on the final selection?
  • Ans. There is no cash prize. However, up to six finalists will have one-to-one online feedback sessions with four of our mentors. Additionally, these finalists will also receive a licensed copy of the Final Draft 12 software.
  1. Will there be any penalty for non-submission upon selection or non-attendance of the Script Lab?
  • Ans. If one fails to submit the script after selection or fails to attend SWA Script Lab, he/she may be liable to be barred from the next five Script Labs.
  1. Can I pitch or sell my script to producers/production houses while my project is selected for SWA Script Lab?
  • Ans. Yes, the work on the project, including rewrites, pitching, sale, pre-production, etc. can continue as scheduled.

In case the film of any finalist gets made, the writer will have to ensure SWA the following credit in the film, ‘Script mentored at SWA Script Lab 2022’ along with the SWA logo.

In case you have any query that is not already covered in the above FAQs, please feel free to write to us at event@swaindia.org