Dear writer friends,

We are pleased to announce our Online Membership system. Here’s the link  to apply online for SWA Membership:

BUT before that, please note –

  1. The above link is only for taking new membership. If you had SWA membership in the past, please write to with your membership no. and we shall guide you suitably.
  1. SWA is the Association of professional screen writers working for film, TV and digital media who writes scripts/screenplays, stories, dialogue, lyrics etc. for SCREEN – like a movie screen, TV screen, laptop & phones (digital media). We work within the film and TV industry and engage with only producers, their associations and broadcasting platforms like TV channels, to fight for the collective rights for writers and provide mediation in case of a dispute over copyright, remuneration and credits. 
  1. SWA do not engage with publishers, print media, theatre societies, advertising industry, radio industry etc. and in case of a dispute, we can’t fight on behalf of writers working in these industries. Thus, we do not register books, plays, skits, radio plays, novels, jingles, tag-lines etc.
  1. As per SWA Constitution & Byelaws, you should have completed minimum of 18 years of age while applying for the membership.
  1. SWA membership is for individual writers only. Any Production House/ company/ studio/ talent management agency/ business entity or any third party for account management or operation purposes can NOT apply for SWA membership. As per Copyright laws and rules, only a natural person can be the author of literary, artistic musical and dramatic work. Hence, legal/business entities like production companies etc. can NOT register a creative work under their name.
  2. Provide only your personal email ID and mobile number to keep your SWA Account protected.
  1. Follow the instructions thoroughly to complete the online admission process smoothly:
  • Please write your name exactly as per your ID proof. Ideally, it should be your First name and Last Name/Surname.
  • Please write Date of Birth exactly as per your ID proof.
  • If you are attaching documents such as Aadhaar card, Driving License, Voters ID card, Passport which can be used for both ID and address proof, kindly scan and attach photo part for ID proof and Address part for Address proof. Maximum file size 2 MB.
  • Please write your address exactly in the same fashion as per the Address proof, DO NOT shorten it or lengthen it.
  • The photo should be front facing, clearly visible with focus on the face. Maximum file size 1 MB.
  • If you use any pen name which you wish to add in your account, please provide an affidavit on a non-judicial stamp paper of INR 100.
  • If you wish to apply for Associate and Regular membership please visit the link and refer to the Associate and Regular membership criteria.
  • Writing Proof details are required only for Regular and Associate membership, wherein the applicant has to share the relevant documents/files. Please refer to the respective membership criteria for the same. If you are applying for Fellow membership kindly ignore this column.
  • Once your membership application is approved, an automatic payment link shall be sent to your registered email id through which you can make online payment of membership fees.
  • Please note only Admission Fees are collected currently due to lockdown.  Once the situation stabilizes and we resume normal office operations, you can pay for membership card and postal charges online and get the card delivered at your registered/alternate/correspondence address.  However, on completion of the admission process, our web team shall send you the SWA Membership E-card to your registered email id.
  • The entire admission process takes a minimum of 5 to 7 working days. It is an auto-generated process, hence, we request you to be patient and wait for the payment link, allotment of permanent membership no. and/or virtual membership card. We shall try our best to complete the process at the earliest.
  • Once the permanent membership number is allotted, you can start registering your work online by uploading PDF files. Read more about SWA’s script registration system, here:
  1. Note that submission of membership application is subjected to the following:


I shall be solely responsible for managing and operating my SWA Account. By submitting the online application form, I solemnly declare that I have never been a SWA member in the past and the particulars mentioned in the online form are true and correct and I have not concealed any material facts and if it is found otherwise SWA may cancel my SWA membership and/or take other disciplinary and/or legal action. By submitting the online application form I declare that I have read, understood and agreed to SWA’s Constitution and Byelaws made under the same. I am aware and shall agree to abide by the existing rules and regulations under the Constitution of SWA as amended time to time. I have downloaded and read the soft copy of SWA Constitution from the link  before applying for membership. I declare that I have fully understood all the content of this Declaration By the Applicant.  

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Happy writing!

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