SWA collaborates with Gujarat Literature Festival 2019

The Screenwriters Association is proud to collaborate with the Gujarat Literature Festival for their 8th edition, to be held in Ahmedabad from December 18 to 22, 2019, at Gujarat University premises. 

GLF is the most popular and largest literary event held in Gujarat. It’s target is to draw more youth into cerebral pursuits. It also redefines literature in today’s context and includes oral story-telling, books, audio, video and digital forms of literary creativity and expression. GLF aims to present literature in a contemporary and appealing way by promoting reading, writing and better understanding of literature, exchange of ideas and free thinking among the youth.

In the run up to this season, several events will be hosted by partner organisations at multiple venues, beginning early December. The GLF will then open with workshops from Wednesday, December 18. December 19 onwards events including an inaugural programme, the GLF awards and a dinner have been planned. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, (December 20, 21 and 22) will mark almost 10 to 12 hours a day of engaging sessions. 

  • Gujarati Sahitya Mahotsav will celebrate best of Gujarati literature and culture.
  • Tabariya will be GLF’s best foot forward to connect with the children.
  • Fountainhead will present of best of writing, primarily in English and Hindi, besides other Indian languages.
  • GLF Awards will return to felicitate best of the creativity in Gujarati writing and publishing.
  • GLF’s Bizlitfest: Entrepreneurship, trade, business and industry are identity of Gujarat. Introducing GLF’s bizlit festival, to celebrate the essence of Gujarat.
  • Artfest: A dedicated festival will highlight the best of Gujarat’s art, architecture and heritage.
  • Food-festival and Book Market will offer a complete event experience.
  • Featuring over 200 speakers, performers and over 100 events.

To make it inclusive, it is language neutral and entry is free.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gujlitfest/

Official website (For Registrations): http://gujlitfest.com/
GujLitFest Edition8