The Screenwriters Association registers, through its office & website – scripts, lyrics and stories written by its members. SWA’s Script registration can act as a proof of authorship of the copyright work and can be used as Prima facie evidence in case the copyright authorship is challenged by the date of registration.

The Script Registration from Screenwriters Association (SWA) is based on the following declaration made by the person seeking registration of a work with SWA:  

I solemnly undertake that I am legally qualified and authorized to register this work. I further affirm to the best of my knowledge that this work does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any other work. In case it is found otherwise, I understand that this registration will automatically stand canceled. Besides, I will be solely responsible for the consequences whatsoever. I fully understand that any kind of tampering with this document will make this registration null and void. 

I understand that registering a work with SWA is a legal declaration of authorship and hence, only the author of a work is legally entitled to register her/his work with SWA. I understand that SWA strictly discourages any activity of proxy registration. I declare that I shall never register a work on my name, or anyone else’s behalf, if I am not the author, or one of the authors, of the same.

I hereby declare that I have duly read and understood the rules and regulations of SWA regarding the registration of a work. I further affirm that I understand the content of this declaration and accept the same.”


  • SWA provides registration for the following categories – Synopsis, Story, Script, Plot, Screenplay, Dialogue and Song. 
  • It is important to note that, whether one registers at office or online, the Association DOES NOT store or archive/save any member’s script/work, for secrecy and security purposes. Thus, only the member is responsible for the safekeeping of the registered file. 
  • One can register work in all Indian scripts like Roman, Devnagari, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Gurumukhi etc. at our office as well as on the website. 
  • One can get his/her manuscript registered at SWA office or the PDF file of the same, on SWA website.
  • While one can register his/her work either in person at the SWA Office or register online on the website, their representative can also register the script/work at SWA office provided he/she carries the valid SWA Membership Card of the concerned member. 
  • SWA’s Script Registration process is recognized and abided by the film industry as well as the various other film bodies and associations.
  • Today, and it’s a common practice to share the SWA registered scripts with producers and studios, as a deterrent to any Copyright infringement.
  • In past high court judgments have also validated SWA’s script registration system. 


  • Convert your work into a PDF file.
  • DO NOT protect your file using any password. Password protected files will not be processed by system.
  • Login into your SWA account at the SWA website with your SWA Membership number. Link:
  • On your Dashboard, go to ‘Script Registration’.
  • Fill the details and upload the PDF.
  • Add more PDFs if required.
  • Add Co-authors (SWA members only) if required.
  • Click on ‘Proceed To Secure Payment Gateway’. (Do not press the BACK Button from the next page.)
  • The Online Registration System at the SWA website will count the number of pages and show the total charges. The system will generate a registered PDF with a unique Transaction ID (to be also considered as script registration number), government authorized Digital Signatures, verifiable URL link, SWA watermark and Certificate of Registration with date and time stamp of registration.  
  • The registered script (file) will be tamper-proof as any attempts at tampering will invalidate the Digital Signatures.
  • The user will be able to download the registered soft copy from his/her SWA account ONLY FOR NEXT FIVE DAYS, after which the file will be permanently deleted from the server.
  • The registered soft copy will be emailed to the user instantaneously as an attachment. 


NOTE: Due to COVID19 Lockdown

  • With effect from January 01st 2020,the timings for Script Registration (offline) at SWA office will be Tuesday and Friday, from 02.00 PM to 05.30 PM.
  • Along with the hardcopy of the script, bring your valid SWA Membership Card for script registration.
  • Number all the pages.
  • At the top of the first page, leave space for a paragraph for the SWA registration stamp and signature.
  • The title, category of work and the name of the writer should be clearly written at the top of the first page, right before the main content.
  • To register songs, write the ‘Index‘ for all the songs in a particular document, on the first page.
  • Bring the valid SWA membership card of Co-authors, if any.  


Description Charges (INR)  
Online Offline (at SWA office)  

For the first page

40/ 40/-  

For the Additional pages (per page)

3/- 3/-  
 Songs (per page) 40/- 40/-  


  • Cash (only at SWA office)
  • Debit Card (through swipe machine, only at SWA office)
  • Online Payments (through CC Avenue Secure payment gateway)