Screenwriting Workshop by Anjum Rajabali (at WWI, in association with SWA)

Announcing SWA’s continuing collaboration with Whistling Woods International for this annual workshop, which has trained hundreds of writers over the last 10 years. We continue to recommend that you consider attending it if you’re an aspiring, new or even a writer with some experience. We’re confident that it will help you hone your storytelling and screenwriting skills.

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WHISTLING WOODS (in association with SWA)





Guest sessions by: Anubhav Sinha (Article 15), Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku), Jyoti Kapoor (Good Newwz), Niren Bhatt (Bala), Pooja Tolani (Sacred Games).

DATES: February 12-16, 2020

VENUE: 5th Veda Auditorium, Whistling Woods International, Film City Complex, Goregaon East, Mumbai – 400065

This is the 10th year of our annual national workshop on screenwriting!  

What is it that keeps it going?

Owing to the huge strides that Indian cinema, web series and TV writing have been taking of late, the scope for good screenwriting has exploded. There seems to be a frenzied search for competent writers with strong fundamentals in storytelling. 

If you’re an aspiring writer, now may be the time to plunge into the field. If you’re a new writer, you may want to up your game. If you’re an experienced writer, check if you’d like to revisit the fundamentals and consolidate your competence.

This time, we’re structuring it slightly differently, with an added emphasis on Scene Design, a session on Web Series, one on Mythology, a session on Psychology, and a compact session on cinematic Virtual Reality.

Gist of the curriculum:

  –   One day on the basics of storytelling as an art and craft, on IDEA, PREMISE, PLOT, CHARACTER and STRUCTURE. These are the elements powering your screenplay forward.

–   A full day dedicated to SCENE DESIGN & DIALOGUE. If your scenes don’t work, effectively everything fails.

–   A session on writing WEB SERIES, the new force in screenwriting, conducted by an experienced Series writer.

–   Half day on a basic primer on PSYCHOLOGY and the different DEFENCE MECHANISMS that people employ to hide their true feelings. Useful to create complex characters.

–   Half a day of discussion on MYTHOLOGY, it’s remarkably conflicted characters, and what we can learn from our epics, as modern screenwriters. 

–   Half day dedicated to Joseph Campbell’s ‘HERO’S JOURNEY’ which offers invaluable insights into the underlying struggles and structures of all storytelling.

–   Four GUEST SESSIONS. Anubhav Sinha (Article 15), Juhi Chaturvedi (Piku), Jyoti Kapoor (Good Newwz), Niren Bhatt (Bala), Pooja Tolani (Sacred Games).

–   A session on how to PITCH YOUR SCRIPTS.

–   A one-hour session on CINEMATIC VIRTUAL REALITY, the new avenue for storytelling.


–   A final session with SUBHASH GHAI. He speaks with utter frankness about his struggle, his successes, his failures, the absolute primacy of the script in filmmaking, and the need for writers to keep reinventing themselves.

To register for the workshop, please call 022-62716003/022-62716085 or email:‘