NOTICE: 64th Annual General Body Election Meeting, Nominations and e-Voting


Dear SWA Members,

SWA (Screenwriters Association) is pleased to announce its 64th Annual General Body Meeting and Elections for the Executive Committee and Office Bearers on SUNDAY the 18th of April 2021 starting at 10 AM. However, due to COVID Restrictions, the above will be held ONLINE through ZOOM Video Conferencing.


Please note that admission to the 64th Annual General Body Meeting is reserved strictly for Life, Regular and Associate Members, with valid memberships only. The link to attend the meeting will be shared on member’s registered email ID with SWA, for which you need to fill up the attached Google Form, choose option to attend, and confirm your attendance by not later than 5th of April Midnight. Following your confirmation, SWA will send you a unique link, on your registered email ID, which will enable you to participate in the Annual General Body Meeting via Zoom Video Conferencing.

The Agenda for the 64th Annual General Body Meeting is as follows:


 1. To confirm the minutes of the last Annual General Body Meeting.

2. To adopt the report of the work done by the Association during the year.

3. To adopt the Audited statement of Accounts.

4. To appoint the Auditor and his remuneration.

5. To transact such other business as may be brought forward with the permission of the Chair.

6. To elect the new Executive Committee and the Office Bearers for the year 2021-2023.

Members desirous of raising any question in the General Body Meeting must email them to by 5th April 2021 midnight, failing which the member’s question shall not be entertained. Questions will be taken and answered at the AGM in the order they have been received.

The members must email their questions in writing with their membership number and wait patiently for their turn to receive the answer by the relevant office bearer, during the AGM. Those who fail to send their questions in writing will also get a chance to ask their questions at the AGM, but only after the questions sent by members in advance have been answered.



SWA Elections for the term 2021 – 2023 for the Executive Committee and Office Bearers, will be held after the Annual General Body Meeting. If you want to cast your vote through e-voting, please fill up the attached Google Form, choose option to confirm, and send us by 5th of April 2021 midnight. Following which, a unique link will be sent to you by the SWA office to participate in e-voting to be held on the 18th of April 2021.

Contest In SWA Elections:

Any member who wishes to contest the election should send his/her nominations via attached Google forms (links shared at the bottom.) A contestant can either contest for the post of any Office Bearer or for the post of Executive Committee.

The following procedure must be observed:

1. The Nomination Form duly filled via the prescribed Google Form, as shared at the bottom, should be submitted on or before 6th April 2021, midnight. The last date for withdrawal of nomination is 8th April 2021, midnight.

2. Only those members who have already paid their membership fees up to date or they are in arrears for not more than six months as per the constitution are eligible to vote or stand for election.

3. To contest for membership of the Executive Committee, a Regular/ Life member should have to her/ his credit at least three released feature films, with at least one in the last five years for Office Bearers (eight years for Executive Committee members) or 100 half-hour episodes or 25 one-hour episodes or their equivalent in terms of time, with at least 10 hours of programming in the last five years for Office Bearers (eight years for Executive Committee members) on TV or any new media, or 25 songs, with at least 10 in the last five years for Office Bearers (eight years for Executive Committee members).

4. The Executive Committee will have 31 members including 21 Regular Members, 7 Office Bearers and 3 Associate members.

5. To contest an election for any office bearer’s post, a member should have served at least one full term as a member of the executive committee.

6. Any member who is holding a post of an office bearer for the last two terms will not be allowed to contest for the post of an Office Bearer, but he/she can stand for the Executive Committee. However he/she will be eligible to contest as an Office Bearer after a gap of one term.

7. SWA member who is already a member of the Executive Committee (or equivalent body) of any producers’ association or guild will not be eligible to contest for the post of Executive Committee member of SWA. (If, during his/her term as Executive Committee member or as an Office Bearer, s/he were to become a member of the Executive Committee (or equivalent body) of any producers’ association or guild, then s/he will have to resign from her/ his position in the Executive Committee of SWA.

8. To contest for the seat of Associate Membership on the Executive Committee, a person should have been an Associate Member for at least one year, and her/ his subscription should not be in arrears for more than six months.

9. The election of three Associate members for the Executive Committee will take place separately on the same day. These members will be elected by Associate members only. The Associate members are not eligible to vote for Regular member’s Executive Committee and Office Bearers posts and vice-versa.

10. Nomination Forms are subject to scrutiny by the Scrutiny Committee.

11. The Scrutiny Committee requires the proof of eligibility. Thus, please attach proof of eligibility with your nomination form.

Please, download the General Secretary’s Report of the previous term 2019 – 2020, the report for the subsequent Ad-hoc term Oct 2020 – Feb 2021 and the Audited Accounts Statement for the year 2019, as shared at the bottom.

Please also go through the Audited Statement of Accounts, and send your queries, if any, to, latest by 5th of April 2021, enabling the Treasurer/Auditor to review your queries.

You are required to adhere to strict discipline, respect and politeness during the functioning of the AGM. Any effort to deliberately disrupt the AGM with unruly behavior and rabble-rousing will invite appropriate action sanctioned by the SWA Constitution.

Please, email to if you have any queries in relation with the AGM, elections, nominations and e-Voting.


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Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Hon. General Secretary (Ad-hoc)
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