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SGM (CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT) on Sep 1, 2019 (Sun) (only for LIFE and REGULAR Members)

The Special General Body Meeting is for LIFE and REGULAR Members of SWA, with Identity Cards, only. Please, bring your valid SWA Membership Card along. Please, Do NOT bring any relative or guest with you.

13th August 2019

Dear Member,

Greetings from the Screenwriters Association.

Special General Body Meeting which was held on Sunday, 04th August 2019 was adjourned due to lack of quorum. As per the SWA Constitution, an adjourned Special General Body Meeting shall be now held on Sunday, 1st September 2019. In case of no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for 30 minutes and shall resume after this without quorum.

The schedule of the meeting will be as follows:


To review, assess and pass the new proposed amendments in the Constitution of the Association.

Day & Date: Sunday, 1st September 2019

Venue: Bhaktivedanta Swami Mission School
Sixth Floor, Near Laxmi Industrial Estate, Shastri Nagar, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400 053

Time: 03.00 PM onwards Special General Body meeting
Followed by High Tea

We are enclosing/attaching herewith the clauses of the 2016 Constitution, which are to be amended along with the proposed 2019 amendments.

Download the ‘Proposed pointers for Constitution Amendment 2019’, at:

Download the Scanned PDF of this Covering Letter, at:

I request all of you to please attend the meeting positively because the Constitution is a very important document which reflects the hopes and aspirations of screenwriters and lyricists and the future agenda of Screenwriters Association. Such meetings also give us an opportunity to meet our friends of the fraternity,

With regards,

Yours faithfully
For Screenwriters Association

Sunil Salgia
Hon. General Secretary


13 अगस्त, 2019

प्रिय सदस्य साथी,

स्क्रीनराइटर्स एसोसिएशन की ओर से नमस्कार!

दिनांक 4 अगस्त 2019 (रविवार) को संविधान संशोधन के लिए आयोजित की गयी स्पेशल जनरल बॉडी मीटिंग को क़ोरम (कार्यसाधक संख्या) की कमी के कारण स्थगित किया गया था। एसडबल्यूए के संविधान के अनुसार, यह एडजर्ण्ड स्पेशल जनरल बॉडी मीटिंग अब 1 सितम्बर, 2019 (रविवार) को रखी गयी है। क़ोरम के ना रहने की स्थिति में मीटिंग को 30 मिनिट के लिए स्थगित किया जायेगा और उसके बाद बिना क़ोरम के क्रियान्वित किया जाएगा।

मीटिंग की रूपरेखा इस प्रकार रहेगी –

एजेंडा: एसोसिएशन के संविधान में संशोधनों की समीक्षा, आकलन और अनुमोदन।

दिनांक: 1 सितम्बर, 2019, रविवार

स्थान: भक्तिवेदांत स्वामी मिशन स्कूल, सिक्स्थ फ़्लोर, लक्ष्मी इंडस्ट्रियल एस्टेट के पास, शास्त्री नगर, लोखंडवाला कॉम्पलैक्स, अंधेरी वैस्ट, मुम्बई – 400 053

समय: दोपहर 03.00 बजे से स्पेशल जनरल बॉडी मीटिंग, नोट: मीटिंग के बाद ‘हाय-टी’ की व्यवस्था रखी गयी है।

स्पेशल जनरल बॉडी मीटिंग में संविधान संशोधन के लिए प्रस्तावित बदलावों की सूची:

इस मीटिंग में सिर्फ़ एसडबल्यूए के लाइफ़ और रैग्यूलर सदस्य (LIFE and Regular Members) ही भाग ले सकते हैं। कृपया, अपना वैध एसडबल्यूए मेंबरशिप कार्ड साथ लेकर आएँ एवं किसी मित्र अथवा पारिवारिक सदस्य को साथ ना लाएँ।

सभी लाइफ़ और रैग्यूलर सदस्यों से अनुरोध है कि इस मीटिंग में ज़रूर आएँ, क्योंकि संविधान एक महत्वपूर्ण दस्तावेज़ है जो स्क्रीनराइटर्स और गीतकारों की उम्मीदों और एसोसिएशन के भविष्य की दिशा निर्धारित करता है। इस तरह की मीटिंग्स हमें अपनी इंडस्ट्री के लेखक साथियों से मिलने-जुलने का मौक़ा भी प्रदान करती हैं।

स्क्रीनराइटर्स एसोसिएशन की ओर से

सुनील सालगिया
मानद महासचिव, एसडबल्यूए

Rest In Peace, Sushma Swaraj Ji!

1920 X 800 Sushma Swaraj

We at the Screenwriters Association express our heartfelt grief at the sudden demise of Late Sushri Sushma Swaraj (14 February 1952 – 6 August 2019). She succumbed to a cardiac arrest following a heart attack on the night of 6 August.

Swaraj was a renowned Supreme Court lawyer and one of the few politicians admired for fair-mindedness and simplicity. Starting early, at the age of 25 in 1977, she became the youngest cabinet minister of the Indian state of Haryana, and followed it later with becoming the second woman, after Indira Gandhi, to become the Minister of External Affairs India, in 2014.

With our grief-stricken hearts, we express our sincere most gratitude to Swaraj for lending her voice and support to the fight for the rights of screenwriter, lyricists, music composer and singers by endorsing the Copyright Act (2012 Amendment) in the Loksabha. This bill was introduced with the primary objective of ensuring fair revenue sharing to protect the rights of owners (creators and authors) of the copyright, who provide license for any dramatic, artistic, musical or literary work incorporated in cinematic or sound recording form. The bill was tabled in the Rajya Sabha on April 19, 2012 by renowned lyricist and cinema writer Shri Javed Akhtar, which was then sent to the Standing Committee. However, the fight for a fair share in revenue and royalty for the creators of scripts and songs faced severe challenges from a section of parliamentarians leaning towards a lobby of producers who did not want this bill to pass. Under these circumstances Sushma Swaraj, as the leader of opposition, vehemently supported this bill and emphatically urged the house to vote in its favour. 

Honorary General Secretary Shri Sunil Salgia expresses his warmest of regards with these following words: “In Parliament, we often see the opposition taking a stand to stall the bills proposed by the ruling party. On the contrary, Sushma ji stood in support of creative artists and gave a historic speech in 2012 to support of the bill. This was an exceptional gesture on her part which I will never forget.”

Shri Javed Akhtar, who was at the forefront of the fight to get the Copyright Amendment Act 2012 passed and currently serves as the Chairman of IPRS (Indian Performing Rights Society), tweets the following: “Deeply saddened by Sushma ji’s demise. The Music Fraternity will be indebted to her for magnificent defence of their rights in the Lok Sabha. You were an exceptional person Sushmaji. We will always remain thankful to you.”

The Screenwriters Association and the whole fraternity of screenwriters and lyricists working film, TV and digital media shall be forever indebted to Late Sushma Swaraj for strengthened their cause of fair rights. May her soul rest in peace.

Here’s the link to the brilliant speech by Late Sushma Swaraj in the Lok Sabha on May 22, 2012, as the leader of opposition supporting the Copyright Amendment Bill 2012:



The Screenwriters Association (SWA) is inviting applications for the position of a full time in-house legal officer, to be based in Mumbai.

About SWA

SWA is a registered trade union of screenwriters of the film and television industry. Its primary objective is to promote and secure the interests of its member screenwriters, including settlement of their disputes with producers, directors etc. SWA has a strong Dispute Settlement Committee (DSC), which has been functional for more two decades now.


The primary responsibility of the selected candidate would be to assist SWA in resolution of its members’ copyright related disputes and advising members on contract-related issues. This would entail, among others, examining the complaints that SWA receives, identifying valid ones, preparing briefs for the DSC, advising the complainants, guiding the resolution process, sending and responding to legal notices, etc. If the matter is to go to court, then the legal officer will brief the attorney and the counsel hired by SWA.

Qualifications and Experience

The candidate must hold a graduate or post-graduate degree in law and must possess good knowledge and preferably at least 2-3 years of hands-on experience in the field of intellectual property law, especially copyright law.


The salary will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experience and will be in the range of Rs. 50 – 75,000 per month. 

Application Procedure

Interested candidates must send their application and CV to The Executive Coordinator at by September 1, 2019. Suitable candidates will be invited for a personal interview.


If you have any queries regarding the position or the application procedure, you may reach the office at +91 22 2673 3027/+91 22 2673 3108 or direct the query to


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Second Edition of SWA’s Newsletter SWAkshar | एसडबल्यूए के न्यूज़लैटर SWAक्षर का द्वितीय संस्करण


The Screenwriters Association has released the second edition of its official newsletter SWAkshar. Download your e-copy NOW!


SWAkshar Edition 2 (English) :

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SWAkshar Edition 1 (English):

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Power to writers!

Team SWA



स्क्रीनराइटर्स एसोसिएशन ने अपने आधिकारिक समाचार-पत्र SWAक्षर का दूसरा संस्करण रिलीज़ कर दिया है। अपनी ई-कॉपी आज ही डाउनलोड करें। 


SWAक्षर संस्करण 2 (अंग्रेज़ी) :

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राइटर्स ज़िंदाबाद!

टीम एसडबल्यूए

1920 X 800 px SWAkshar Edition 2