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SWA collaborates for MX Penstorm! Pitch your web show ideas today!

The Screenwriters Association has always strived to provide its members credible opportunities to showcase their talent and build their careers. We’re now proud to collaborate with the online streaming platform MX Player, for MX Penstorm – A unique platform for screenwriters to pitch their ideas for web shows directly to the production and broadcasting giant.

At MX Player, only great ideas matter. If you’re a writer, producer or content creator with an idea for a show or web series, we encourage you to participate in MX Penstorm. This is a golden opportunity for deserving ideas to reach millions of viewers, through MX Player.  

Follow this link to participate:

Deadline: May 10, 2019 

Note: Do NOT forget to register your concepts and synopses with SWA before the pitch!

All the best!

UPDATE: Deadline extended for the program MX Penstorm, by MX Player in association with SWA. You can now pitch your concepts till May 15, 2019. Apply today!

Penstrom_Creative Emailer new_01

Penstrom_Creative Emailer new_01

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DISCLAIMER: It is understood that under no circumstances the Screenwriters Association (SWA) shall assume any responsibility for or obligation or duty with respect to any part or all of the MX Penstorm program (organised by MX Player), of any nature or kind whatsoever, or any matter or proceedings arising out of or relating thereto. SWA shall not be required to take any action of any kind to collect or protect any interest of its members in relation withMX Penstorm program (organised by MX Player), and in no event shall SWA be liable to its member or members for any loss of intellectual property, anticipated profits or other consequential, special or indirect loss or damage of any nature arising at any time, whether arising under contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability or dispute situation or for any other cause whatsoever. However, SWA members can always approach its Dispute Settlement Committee (DSC) with their grievances, if any, related to Copyright infringement, credits and remuneration.