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The Prayer (Poem) – Prashant Jha

With blackened nights

And skies of blue

I sit here whishing on stars

And dreaming of you…

Thinking of futures and could be’s

What I want, what you want…

How we can get there

To fulfill all our needs.

What once I thought an easy task

Love became a game of chance

Many obstacles stand in our path

Building walls and blocking romance

Simplicity does not welcome our love

And yet I stand here willing to fight

Giving you my all

Making one last prayer for the night

Dear God, hear my cry

I kneel before thee

With all my strength

Please give me his heart, or set me free!


Prashant Jha

Contribution from: Prashant Kumar Jha

The Girl Who Imagined The World – Prashant Jha

Somewhere in a town so small,

Lives a girl who dreams of more…

In an old run down home she sits,

Imagining the beauty right out her door…

What a life she could have if only somehow,

She found herself in the streets of Delhi…

Where she saw a parade to honor the prince

Who killed a dragon, deep in a cave so dark.

As he rode by on his horse named Max,

He saw in her a beauty so rare…

That he stopped the parade and ran to her side,

There he held her hands and looked with a stare.

She rode with him to the castle,

Looking up she knew her fate…

There in the castle is where she would live

Happily ever after behind the gold gate.

They would marry at once,

A perfect match they’d be.

Happy together, the girl and her prince,

Loving each other for all eternity.

What a wonderful dream it is,

But this girl knows in her heart…

Nothing spectacular will happen,

If you never start…

So she steps out onto the porch

And see’s the amazing view…

Without another thought she leaves…

An old town, old life, for something quite new.


Prashant Jha


Contribution from: Prashant Kumar Jha

Painful Goodbyes (Poem) – Prashant Jha

Sitting there with pity in his eyes

As he looks at me and says goodbye

Tears running down my face

How easily I’ve been replaced

The guy who once said he loves me

Now turns his back and walks free

But there was a time I can still recall

His romance did make me fall.

For him I was his everything

And I would have done anything

To make him laugh, make him smile

Just to see him happy all the while

And he would call me silly names

Joke and play games

Every time pulling me in deeper

This makes him fall harder and steeper

What is a life without your love?

My heart dying as you push and shove

Me out of your life

My only dream was to be yours

And if there is a God then surely he

Would do me the favor and set my heart free

And it’s all because you wanted some fun

Or maybe I wasn’t the one

But because of your deception and lies

We are here saying Painful goodbyes…


Prashant Jha


Contribution from: Prashant Kumar Jha

बात कौन करे (कविता) – जयेश मेस्त्री

बात तो करनी है,
बात कौन करे
पहले तुम या मैं,
बात कौन करे

चांद तेरे इश्क में
बावला हो गया
गजब है, हाय
अब रात कौन करे

दिल ही दिल से अगर
मिलते रहे तो
आपस में
मुलाकात कौन करे

मेरी चुप्पी बैठी है
मुझसे रुठकर
सोच रही है
की बात कौन करे

जयेश शत्रुघ्न मेस्त्री

Advisory Panel Member – Censor Board (CBFC), Copywriter at ‘Agencydigi’, Sub-Editor at Sahitya Upekshitanche AND Translator, Lyricist, Poet, Screenwriter. Public Speaker, Columnist, Analyst, Director, Theatre Artist.. 

जयेश मेस्त्री

हाय क्या चांद देखा (कविता) – जयेश मेस्त्री

पहले चांद को देखा,
फिर मैने तुम्हे देखा.
धरती पर मैने
हाय क्या चांद देखा.

बिन तुम्हारे जिंदगी
कैसे होगी, ये सोचा.
तब जिंदगी को मैने
तनहा मायूस देखा.

गिरते गिरते यू
संभल जाता हूं मै.
मैने अपने हाथो मे
तुम्हारा हाथ देखा.

दुनिया जन्नत सी
लगने लगी है मुझे.
दुनिया को मैने
तुम्हारी नजरो से देखा.

ये गीत जब मैने
तुम पर लिखा.
चांद को मैने
हाय रोते हुंए देखा.

जयेश शत्रुघ्न मेस्त्री

Advisory Panel Member – Censor Board (CBFC), Copywriter at ‘Agencydigi’, Sub-Editor at Sahitya Upekshitanche AND Translator, Lyricist, Poet, Screenwriter. Public Speaker, Columnist, Analyst, Director, Theatre Artist.. 

जयेश मेस्त्री



Song Review – Janam Janam (Dilwale).

What is it about not moving on without looking back? The song Janam Janam is all about soul mates, never quite getting together but never saying farewell too.

There are the moments in rain, with or without the umbrella, the soft moves under the chandeliers, the extraction of a promise to not part, then why does she drive away?

What forces beyond their control drive the two apart?

A very soft mood prevails which actually confuses us as to why he says the dialogue that he will kill her if he sees her face again!

Soul mates, or the same soul split in two physical bodies is a transcendental concept. It is a recurring theme in world literature in direct or indirect terms. Why are they separated on earth? Why is there an intense longing that is not understood? Sometimes one follows another-is it to save the other half from distress? Is it to help the soul mate evolve? Are they apart because of the peculiar circumstances on earth? Why are they always depicted as star crossed lovers in the greatest love stories of the world?

I hope that is not so, because the best part of Hindi films is that they always have a happy ending.

There is also that recurring presence of chandeliers. There is a very strange fact associated with it in Jain scriptures. The celestial beings at a certain level spend their time gazing at the chandeliers. The tinkling sound of the crystals actually creates a picture in their mind. Their finely tuned senses let them see the sound of the music. What drama do they see? Is it the way soul mates play out their various births before they become one?

Ok, strangeness apart, the song definitely signifies some type of a turning point in the story. I hope the story turns in an interesting way.

By – Mrs. Nita Kapadia

बेटियां (कविता) – अमित कुमार तिवारी

आंगन में किलकारियॉ लगाके दौड़े
नन्हें कदम बढाती तुम
आज तेरी विदाई के बाद
यादें तेरी बहोत आती हैं     1

कल तक खेला था बचपन
मेरे घर को किया पावन
पलों में पलकें छलकीं
खुशी के अश्क बहते हैं 2

तिरंगे को हिमालय की चोटी में
मॉ बाप के नाम को
बेटियां आगे बढ़ाती हैं  3

धन्य हैं मॉयें वो जिन्होनें जन्मी हैं बेटी
तुलसी की तरह मीठी कुलदीपिका कहलाती हैं   4

कभी महिषी के रूप में पापियों को संहारती है
कभी गंगा के रूप में धरा तार  जाती हैं    5  

घरौंदे की माटी को  सहेजती हैं
संवारती हैं
मॉ,बहन,बहू,बेटी,मित्र का फर्ज
बेटियां बखूबी निभाती हैं ।।


16 January 2016 की महफ़िल

शनिवार दि. १६ जनवरी २०१६ को कवि गोष्टी और शेरी नशिस्त की सभा का आयोजन हुआ. भिन्न भिन्न रसों की कविताओं को दर्शकों ने खूब सराहा.

इस कार्यक्रम के videos website पर upload किये जा चूके है, जिनके links यहाँ दिए गए हैं. सभी से विनंती है कि वीडियो देखें, like करें, share करें और कवियों को प्रोत्साहन दे.

साथ ही अगली सभा की तिथि नोट कर ले और स्वयं आकर सभा की शोभा और कलाकारों का मनोबल बढ़ाये.























नवाज़िश के लिए शुक्रिया..

अगली महफ़िल २० फ़रवरी दोपहर 3 बजे FWA के दफ़्तर में ही सजेगी, तशरीफ़ लाये.

Pocket mein Paisa Ho Toh (Vyang Kavita) – Amit Kumar

Pocket me paisa ho toh
Sabhi  dost nazar aate hai
Gar jeb ho khaali toh
Apne paraye ho jate hai

Muflisi kaa yeh haal hai
Daal roti ka sawal hai
Molbhaav pani ke vaste
Hum chillar se bhi kangal hai

Muhmoda unhone mujhse
Nazare bachaa ke gujarte hai
Subah hote hi din dhalta hai
Bhoole vah halat badlte hai

Khair itni si hai khairiyat
Haal khabar dusro se lete hai
Kuch kambakt jhoothe vade
Badi garmjoshi se karte hai

Aaj fursat nahi  mujhe dost
Yaar kal 4 baje milte hai
Kal puncho toh phir se
Vahi Kal ki duhai dete hain.

Koi sach kah gaya hai sahab
Spasth aur saaf – saaf
Duniya me bhanti ke log hote hai
kandha lete hai aapke, bandook apni chalte hai !


Garrari (Punjabi Song) – Sahill Jaisingh

Pehlan kaali pichhe chitti
tainu dovein le ke ditti
ni tu chudi aali mangi
assi chete aali ditti
Hun akk gayi hai jind is jatt Di
pooriyaan dimandaan teri kar kar ke
ni garri main adaari hun
kharchay karaon tere raj raj ke……

assi ungal phadaai
tu taan baan Hi fad litti
sadde bapu Di kamaai ni
tu avein rod ditti…
saara muk gaya cash mere bapu da
pyaar diyan feesan meri bhar bhar ke…
ni garri main adaari hun
kharchay karaon tere raj raj ke……

muwaaahaa… (sound). achha
bade pyaar naal puchhi de ke
kaindi let’s go
jaanu aa jaanu oo, mainu
lai ke do
kalli kalli farmaiesh teri sirre appan layi hai
nal saariyan curriencian ch shopping karryai hai

bebe meri kaindi
put hoya mera weak ni
kiddan dassan tere kar ke
haal mera theek ni

tainu ki pata tu kinne kharchay karaae ne
jede raje bete si ajj sadkan te rul aaye ne

tainu doltan to pehlann
assi dil sega ditta
par pehe agg laundiye ne
note vi ni kitta…
hoya Sahil sayaana, manage rab ton duaavaan
pyar kare na koi thag thag ke

Sahill Jaisingh